Afterschool Programs

We offer afterschool programs for girls at elementary and middle schools in the Los Angeles area. Our programs provide engagement, excitement and exposure to creating with technology. Girls design and make toys, program their own video games, design creative inventions with conductive paint and make wearable electronics products. Our projects provide motivation and relevance to want to learn technical skills.


Summer Camps

DIY Girls summer technology camps are designed to offer middle school girls hands-on engineering and technical exploration. Each week features a theme that introduces girls to the field and culminates with an advanced project. 



Our workshops run for about two hours and allow girls to make a project while learning technical skills.

It changed the way I thought about engineering, before I participated in DIY Girls, I thought men were the only ones that did engineering, But now I know girls can be engineers and can make really awesome stuff.
— Sophia, 5th grader